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There are many educational games in the open-source community but mainly in English and ignoring Brazilian cultural factors, so we are proposing a project to create educational games that will have specific appeal for Brazilian children.
Aside that, we are proposing to use Model Driven Development theory to reduce the development time and improve the game design process.
Even more, we are integrating OpenCV with SDL and PyGame to provide an easy way for the creation of Multimodal User Interfaces to open-source games.

- Integrate SDL and OpenCV to provide a multimodal interface using the laptop integrated video camera.
- Build a multimodal SDL library for basic multimodal input routines.
- Create a parser to generate SDL or PyGame source code (C++ or Python).
- Develop a package of Multimodal Educational Mini Games (initially, 4 games).
- Simplify the design process for game developers.
- Simplify and expand user interaction using a multimodal interface.
- Give to the less fortunate children a chance to interact with multimodal educational games using XO machines.

MMEduGamePack Project Team
Actually, our team has three members:

Agostinho Barone Ribeiro da Silva - team leader
Danilo Scavacini Gonçalves - developer/researcher
Vinicius Valls Blanch Maimone Santos - developer/researcher
How to contribute?
We are looking for volunteers interested in working with the following topics:
- Image Processing
- Computer Vision
- User Interfaces
- Multimodal Interfaces
- Educational Games
- Board Games
- Puzzle Games
- Project Documentation

If you want to help and become a project member, contact us by email, listing your past experience/qualifications and chosen topic; using the subject "MMEduGamePack - Volunteer":

If you want to support this project, this is the link for donations:


Donations will be used to pay the project costs, because OLPC will provide the hardware (4 XO laptops) and we don't have any sponsors, so the members are doing this with their own money.
Our team thank OPLC Community for help us providing 4 XO laptops and for all the attention given to us.

Open Source Victoria